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It's no use even clicking on these "Videos".

Gene Gunston forced us to reroute all the links to his favourite dog raping websites.

The wanker in the picture above is one of the CUNTS we here at "Gunston Legal" work for. Gene Gunston is his name. His family runs a string of shady businesses in and around the Greater Woolongong area. A funeral home, some sort of "home heart surgery clinic", an "undertaking" service (they just biff the corpses in the creek) and a "freight" business (they just chuck your precious shit off the end of the fucking wharf). Needless to say the cops pay the Gunstons a visit on a daily fucking basis and then these mongos come running to us to bail them out. Would be nice if the Gunstons actually fuckign PAID us one of these days. The CUNTS.




 - Adam Jewwein.

I was hired as a lawyer but Wayne Gunston has forbidden me from ever leaving this computer terminal. He sends me approximately 300 photos of his dick every hour of every fuckin' day. I still can't even see the fuckin' thing it's so small.

Not actually doing any work here. Trevor Gunston forced us to have a dick measuring contest last month while he videotaped it. Now he makes us watch it back on an endless loop for as long as 8 hours a day.


Secretly, we fuckin' love it.

This is Gene Gunston's stupid bloody initiation rite that he forces us to do.

It's called "The Hands-Off Blue Tooth Golden Shower Bukkake Initiation Rite."

It's a total fucking freak show.

The doors are all locked here at this fuckhead "Gunston Legal" building and none of us can get out. Please send help.

Gunston Legal
"I'm just so happy that Mr Gunston FINALLY let me put my clothes back on."
"What? No, Aunty Doris Gunston forces me to wear these adult diapers on the outside of my trousers. No, I don't know how long it's for."
"Oh Jesus. More photos of Uncle Wayne's tiny wanger."
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